Weekend Update: Blizzard Edition

Happy Sunday, Joggers! If you’re on the east coast, I hope you’ve successfully dug out from this weekend’s storm. We got about two feet of snow in my neck of the woods, which meant the Husband spent quite a few hours clearing out last night and this morning (I’m not allowed to help. Apparently I don’t “do it right”).

1.24 blizzard

Behind our front door.  That’s as close as I got to the snow.

Instead, I pulled my weight in the kitchen. Yesterday I busted out our new espresso maker and our new waffle maker and got down to business. Blueberry waffles and almond milk lattes FTW!

1.24 breakfast

Next up was meatballs, sauce, and lasagna. Needless to say, we will be well-fed this week!

I spent the rest of my Saturday on the couch binging on Netflix and snacks. I did drag myself off the couch and bang out one of Tina’s kettle bell workouts before bedtime. I missed my run on Friday- my office building and its gym were unexpectedly closed, so I got an impromptu work-from-home day and didn’t make it outside to run. That means I’ve got a little catching up to do this week!

Today was a bit more productive; I ventured out of the house to grab coffee and a few groceries for the week, vacuumed the house, cleaned the kitchen, did a little bit of laundry, and finished a little bit of work. I watched a bunch of football, reheated lasagna for dinner, and went to town on these delicious beauties:

1.24 oreo

They are so delicious! I think they might be my most favorite Oreos ever.

Tomorrow, it’s back to business as usual. I’m sure I’ll be slipping and sliding all over the place on my way to and from work tomorrow. Stay tuned later this week for an update on my half marathon training!


Who got snow this weekend? How’d you spend your Sunday?


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