Weekend Update- Thanksgiving Edition


Good evening, Joggers! Long time no talk. Sorry going off the reservation for a few weeks; things got a little hectic with my day job and the holidays, so I didn’t get a chance to log in with you all.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with those that matter most to you.

So how’s the running going? How was your Thanksgiving? We have so much to catch up on. Let’s take it one topic at a time.

JOGGING STUFF: My running has been going well since the Runyon Run a few weekends ago. The week after the race I stuck to walking and the elliptical- my quads were KILLING me after all the stairs during the race, so I took it easy on myself. Work has been insane in the membrane the past few weeks, but things should calm down between now and the end of the year (fingers crossed). I haven’t been feeling super-great lately; I’m trying to fight off a cold and my immune system is staging a revolt, but I’m hoping if I take it easy the next few weeks my body will straighten itself out.

To keep myself motivated this holiday season, I’m going streaking! I’m going the Runner’s World Run Streak between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day. It’s pretty simple- just run at least one mile per day, every day (learn more here). That’s it. It doesn’t have to be fast, and it doesn’t have to be pretty. Follow me on Instagram (@joggingwithjess) to see how it’s going!

I’ve also got another goal race in mind; I’ll bring you up to speed next week on my big plans.

My goals for this week are:

  1. Yoga twice this week. My body and immune system are CRAVING it.
  2. Don’t break the run streak.
  3. Get my diet under control. Specifically, come up with a game plan for the holiday season. Usually, I just say I’m going to be militant about my eating, but that typically backfires.

My secret weapon: smoothies.

11.29 smoothie

This was my post-workout shake on Thanksgiving morning. Don’t worry, I made up for it in pie later that evening.

JESS STUFF: This weekend is one of my favorites- Thanksgiving and the official kickoff to the holiday season! I’m OBSESSED with Christmas. The house is already decorated, and a solid 50% of my holiday shopping is done.

11.29 christmas tree

The Frenchie obsession continues- look at these plates I found at Pier One!

11.29 frenchie plate

Now I’m spending the rest of my Sunday evening watching “90 Day Fiance” (FASCINATING show) and getting to bed early so I can start the work week off right!

Pleasant dreams, Joggers!